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Abby Pet Hospital uses safer ultrasonic scalers, deeper cleaning while providing less heat to the teeth and gums. Dental x-rays can identify those diseases that may go undetected below the gum line.  The veterinarian will advise you if dental x-rays would be a good idea for your pet.

We perform many oral surgeries including teeth extractions and gingival mucosal flaps, soft palette resections and mass removals that sometimes require mandibulectomies and some jaw fracture repairs.

Abby Pet Hospital offers; Soft Tissue surgeries ovariohysterectomy (spay),caesareans, neuter, many Mass Removals both external and internal,perineal urethrostomy, ear ablations, entropion, everted third eyelids (cherry eye), tumor removal; both neoplastic and non-neoplastic.

Fractures or breaks require external and internal fixation using simple things like casts to more complex things like bone plates, extracapsular stabilization for cranial cruciate ligament.

ClassI/V Laser Therapy has been successfully used at our hospital for the on treatment of chronic pain especially those conditions associated with osteroarthritis, i.e. hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and wound healing.  Abby Pet uses the latest class of laser.  Laser Therapy can help promote the healing and pain associated with certain medical conditions.  We have seen pets do better when laser was used for chronic painful conditions like osteoarthritis associated with hip and elbow dysplasias, painful back conditions, lick granulomas and severe wounds.

Flea and other parasite control tailored to you and your pets environment.

Immunizations with the latest generation of vaccines.  Abby Pet Hospital practice philosophy may differ from other clinics because there are vaccinations for certain diseases which have a low probability of causing problems in your pet such as corona and FIP.  We believe not every pet needs these vaccinations.  At Abby, with the consultation of a veterinarian, we will try to explain some of the more important vaccinations or core vaccines along with the risk and benefits of the other vaccines.  Vaccines are important, and with a veterinarian consult, many vaccines can be tailored to the risks versus the benefit for your individual pet.”

At Abby Pet Hospital we offer in-hospital blood tests for certain infectious diseases, organ function, clotting deficiencies and electrolyte imbalances.  Out-side labs also provide us with the opportunity to run special tests for your pet and access to consults with specialists for more difficult cases.

Standard x-rays for internal structure assessment of the head, thorax, abdomen and extremities.

Dental x-ray is the same type used by your dentist to give better detail of the tooth and structures below the gums.  Dental radiographs are recommended for animals that are older and especially for animals missing teeth, impacted teeth can cause bigger problems later on in a pets life.

Ultrasound allows us to view more of the tissues of the body.  This is important when there is fluid surrounding these organs or tissues.  With x-rays the tissues will be obscured with ultrasound the tissues can be better evaluated.  Abby Pet Hospital has access to a board eligible radiologist to help us evaluate an ultrasonic reading in more complex cases.

Bronchoscopy is like a smaller version of the endoscope which allows us to see into the airways of most pets where the endoscope can’t.  By  viewing the airways we can check for different conditions which can cause coughing or other respiratory conditions in animals; such conditions like collasping trachea or bronchi, masses in the airways.  Using the bronchoscope allows us to obtain better samples of airway cytology for analysis and cultures a procedure called bronchiolar alveolar lavage.  The bronchoscopy is also small enough to look up some animals’ nose and behind soft palate and even sometimes in the urinary bladder.

Endoscopy allows us to evaluate the esophagus, stomach, colon and many animals the proximal portion of the small intestines.  We can also obtain biopsy samples in these areas.”

Refill requests may be obtained by:

1.   leaving a message in the prescription refill voice mailbox

2.   leaving a request through our website (using our contact page)

3.   talking with a client service representative
Prescriptions are usually filled within 24 hours of your request.

Abby Pet Hospital will do everything possible to schedule your appointment and many times we can accommodate same day requests.

If you wish to make an appointment on-line, please list your complete name, pets name, doctor preference and a phone number that the account is listed under and several times/dates that will work for you. We will do our best to accommodate those requests and will call and confirm all requests within 24 – 48 hours.

We will allow people to bring in their pet for an unscheduled doctor’s exam but our preference will be to those clients that have appointments.

For surgical procedures we will require the owner to fill out a pre-surgical questionnaire and a surgical release form.  These forms take approximately 10-15 minutes.  To save time you can download, complete and bring with you on the day of the appointment.”