Canine Neuter (0-20lbs)


This is only an estimate. The actual diagnostic or treatment pan may require more diagnostics, medications or procedures. The range of this estimate may vary by as much as 10 - 25%. Estimates are only valid for 30 days.

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Necessary Procedures:
Exam - Pre Surgical..........$0.00
Antibiotic Injection..........$20.00
Pain Injection..........$20.00
Anti Inflammatory Injection..........$20.00
Castration (0-20lbs)..........$105.00
Surgical Waste Disposal Fee..........$6.00
Pet Population Control Discount..........$-227.00


Although not necessary, these services are highly recommended. Please read through and let us know which services you accept and decline

Pre Surgical Blood Work $89.50
We recommend blood work prior to any procedure requiring anesthesia. This allows us to check for anemia, infection, the bloods ability to clot, and elevated liver & kidney enzymes which indicate disease.

IV Catheter $42.00
Provides a port for quick emergency medication if necessary

IV Catheter with Fluid Therapy $66.00
IV Fluids help the body maintain normal blood pressure and proper blood flow through the kidneys and liver which filter out and breakdown the anesthetic agents.

Pain Meds To Go Home $22.00 - $39.00
An oral pain medication prescribed at the discretion of the Dr. can help alleviate any discomfort 36 to 72 hours post surgery.

E Collar $12.00
The collar prevents your pet from chewing or licking at the incision. If the patient causes trauma to the incision there is an increased risk for infection

Microchip $48.00
A microchip will provide your pet with permanent identification and a lifetime of protection.

Rabies Vaccination $16.00

Bordetella $21.00

DA2PP $29.50

Consent & Waiver

I herby request Abby Pet Hospital to surgically sterilize my pet. I have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the above listed procedures and the risks involved. I understand that there is a risk in any surgery and that the surgery is performed under general anesthetic. Notwithstanding the risk, I request the surgery and waive any and all claims of damages against Abby Pet Hospital, its officers, and employees in the event of injury or death of my animal. I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that I am the owner, or authorized by the owner to present for operation this animal.

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